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I am now 28 years old and have been involved in and around boxing from a very young age. My Dad Charlie Rumbol Snr has always had a boxing club, we first started at St Marys Amateur Boxing Club in Chatham, Kent which my Dad run for about 20 odd years where he produced national champions England internationals including myself and just had a real love for the sport with a lot of his boxers always looking at him as a father figure as well as a coach. This is something I always admired and could see myself doing in the future.

We moved to Sittingbourne, Kent back when I was 17 so 10 years ago now where my Dad was given the chance to open a boxing club more locally we looked at several premises nearby before finding the perfect club for us on the Eurolink industrial estate. At the time of finding this gym I was still a boxer as an amateur but decided only to have one more contest before having a bit of a break from the sport due to work commitments, changing jobs from working in a bank, becoming a roofer and then working for Daily telegraph. Neither of these jobs were careers that I wanted to pursue but it was some money in my pocket at the end of the week before deciding what I wanted my career to be. Because of the social kind of person I am I was told by many that a car salesman or estate agent is the route I should go down, I listened and managed to secure myself an interview with Your Move estate agents I went to the interview it went really well and I never looked back for 6 years starting as a trainee sales negotiator, working my way up to a senior, before going on to manage two branches of my own one which was in Sheerness, the other in Rainham (Kent) before becoming a senior valuation manager.

In the time of being an estate agent i had a secure job I missed boxing and wanted to get back in the ring as I missed doing what I loved and really the only thing that made me happy, I had a regular routine starting my job at the same time every morning and finishing at the same at night which meant I could plan my day as I wanted around that. I got the opportunity something that i dreamed of as a kid becoming a professional boxer… I grabbed it with both hands and couldn’t wait to get those gloves back on… I went on to have two professional contests winning both of them and also got to box at the world famous York Hall which had always been a dream of mine as a kid after seeing so many boxing shows there as a kid. Working full time, being a pro boxer as well as having a social life all became too much I asked around for some full time sponsorship but that never materialised so after a short pro career it came to an end but I can always say I achieved my dream and retired undefeated 😉

It was there where my life changed i wanted to stay in the boxing world but knew that being a professional boxer as well as having a full time job wouldn’t work, it was then I became a coach and I haven’t looked back since. I was a very young coach but being around the sport all my life knew what I had to do to make it work. I had seen my Dad for many years produce champions, become a father figure to so many and he had been and still is so respected in the sport of boxing. I started coaching and to be honest took to it like a duck to water, in my first season of coaching I managed to take a boxer all the way to the national junior ABA final and it was from that point although we didn’t get the win I knew it was for me. I built myself up, created a great reputation and knew this was something i wanted for life. I now run Rumbles Boxing academy full time along with my Dad I have 5 professional boxers training under me as well as about 35-40 amateur boxers and in between that I train my 121 clients. This is a dream job for me whether I am training my professionals, amateurs or my 121 clients who have never boxed, and don’t want to box they just want to achieve their life long goals of losing weight, keeping fit and building their confidence we have it all at Rumbles Boxing Academy, a real family orientated friendly gym which continues to grow week in week out.

Please take a look at our photographs, testimonials and our information on our classes to find out more.

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight to my lifestyle and I hope to meet you all soon and get to know a bit about yourselves and help you achieve your goals, Beginner, Pro or amateur we cater for all.

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Whatever your goal may be, at Rumbles Boxing Academy we have it all… losing weight, improving your boxing skills or just making friends and generally socialising it is the place to be.  A family friendly gym where we all help each other get where we want to be.  Please take a look at the website and contact us for more information.  There’s no time like the present !!

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I’m lucky to have my own stable of 6 professional boxers who I train, each of these on their own journey which I’m excited to be a part of.  We work in the gym day in, day out to help the boys achieve their dreams.

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Rumbles Boxing Academy, Unit 2 Saxon Shore, Euro Link Trading Estate, Hildesley Close, Sittingbourne, ME10 3GR

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